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Office of the Director: Research and Innovation Services

Partner Engagement

  • Manager: Partner Engagement: Vacant
  • Partner: Corporate Engagement & Development:  TBC
  • Partner Engagement Support Officer: Shannon Shoaib

Research Integrity

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Research Projects Development

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  • Manager: Research Projects Development: Vacant
  • Grant Developer: Major Research Initiatives:  Leanne Britcher

Grant Application Support Team

Contracts Establishment Team

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Graduate Research Development

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Research Projects Management

Research Projects Management Team

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  • Team Leader: Research Projects Management: Vacant
  • Research Projects Establishment Officer:  Michelle Thewlis
  • Research Projects Management Officer:  Robyn Hicks
  • Research Projects Management Officer:  Carmen Holliday
  • Administration Assistant: Research Projects Management:  Alise Holden

Research Systems & Reporting Team

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Graduate Research Education